In his very first jury trial, Mr. Bompiani represented a client charged with very serious and heinous crimes. The client was facing 20 to 40 years in prison. He was only 21 years old. A conviction would have ended his life. After a four-day jury trial, Anthony Bompiani earned a full acquittal for his client, whom walked out of the courtroom that night a free man. That was just the beginning, and Mr. Bompiani continued to achieve incredible winning results for his clients throughout his career.

Through his many years in the courtroom, Anthony Bompiani has become an expert in courtroom procedure and presence. As a jury trial attorney, he continued his success winning HUGE criminal defense verdicts. As a minor court judge in Pennsylvania he learned and experienced first hand what judges look for. He now wants to share both perspectives with you in his 8-Week Private Master Jury Trial Coaching Program.

Anthony Bompiani has privately coached new and seasoned attorneys throughout the United States by providing them with real-life and effective trial advocacy training. If you want to truly win, you need to understand that there’s more to trial advocacy training than evidence and arguments. Many attorneys understand the issues of a complex legal case. Many are superb at applying the law to the facts and making relevant arguments. But, on top of that, to truly be successful in the jury trial arena, you need to have “it.” And Anthony Bompiani has been helping lawyers throughout the nation capture the “it” factor. As a senior jury trial coach, Anthony helps lawyers achieve their best results by working one-on-one with them. He dives into specifics about real upcoming cases. He also counsels the lawyer on various topics such as presence, physiology, body language, human behavior, energy, psychology, visualization and more.

As part of this famous program, you will receive:

  • 8 Weeks of Private One-on-One Jury Trial Training with Anthony.
  • 8 Telephone Consultations with Anthony wherein he will answer questions and give suggestions regarding your specific cases.
  • Access to Anthony to ask him questions during the week via email and text messages.
  • Weekly Lessons during the sessions regarding the most powerful areas areas leading to successes in jury trials including psychology, physiology, energy, visualization, presence, influence and persuasion.

Contact Anthony Bompiani today via email at anthony@anthonybompiani.com to ask him any questions you may have regarding this program. Otherwise, join the team and become a jury trial master by enrolling below!


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