“I grew tired of good people not being able to afford quality legal advice. The divorce and custody processes are incredibly emotional and stressful. Trying to figure out how to pay an attorney when you don’t have the funds can really add to that stress. I recognized this and wanted to help those people. So I created The Custody Course and The Divorce Course. Quite frankly this will also help new attorneys learn the ropes in those particular areas of the law.”

-Attorney Anthony Bompiani

The Divorce Secrets Toolkit

The Divorce Secrets Toolkit is a compilation of 5 e-books packed full of information to assist you from beginning to end in your divorce. Here’s what the Divorce Secrets Toolkit includes:

✅Divorce: The Things You MUST Consider
✅The 6 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney
✅Divorce Hacks to Eliminate Stress
✅Intro to Failure to Freedom Divorce Recovery Program
✅The Success Mindset for Divorce

And some unadvertised BONUSES!

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Failure to Freedom Divorce Recovery Live

The Failure to Freedom Divorce Recovery Live is an online divorce recovery and support program that is made up of no more than 12 individuals meeting bi-weekly for 6 months via a live Zoom call. During each call Attorney Bompiani will teach the modules of his Failure to Freedom divorce recovery program. You can click the button below for more details!

Custody Court Success Training Program

Custody Court Success Training Program is an at-your-pace, members only, online training program that current members are raving about! The program will teach you exactly what you need to know about custody court. In the 12+ plus hours of video training, Attorney Anthony Bompiani uncovers various strategies that you can start using immediately in and out of the courtroom.

Click HERE for more information Now!

The Divorce Course

The Divorce Course is an online program that provides you with all the tools you’ll need to negotiate and finalize your divorce at one affordable price! If you refuse to spend high legal fees on an attorney only to have your case stall, then this is the program for you! The Divorce Course is sure to transform the practice of law in the area of Divorce Law. New attorneys can also benefit from both of these superior online programs!

FREE Webinar: “How To Get More Custody Time Even If You Don’t Have Money For A Lawyer”

This Live FREE Webinar is rated FIVE out of FIVE stars by attendees. During this 60-minute session, Attorney Anthony Bompiani uncovers three secrets of custody court and the legal process:

Secret 1 – How To Use The Rules Of Evidence To Your Advantage Even If You’re Not A Lawyer

Secret 2 – How To Present Evidence In Court Even If You’ve Never Done It Before

Secret 3 – How To Communicate In And Out Of The Courtroom Even In The Most Toxic Cases

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